"It's fair to say that Covid had a profound effect upon all of us.

For myself, it meant that I could no longer work as a professional photogrpher, but from a positive perspective, it forced me to look at the world from a very different perspective. I started to look more closely at my immediate environment and I have slowly developed a method of working which I feel offers a much richer and more personal view of my world. 

All the work in the portfolios below, is created by harvesting  elements from my local environment in Wiltshire, in the United Kingdom - usually on long walks with my dog Inca. While she collects information with her nose, I keep a sharp eye open for detail that many people might find inconsequential. I can then work with these elements back in the studio, and what I end up with, I believe, gives a much fuller and more visually stimulating memory of an experience." Nigel Hudson, Spring 2023.


After much reserach, it became apparant that the best medium for Nigel's vibrant artworks, was  'ChromaLuxe' HD metal prints. This method of printing uses a dye-sublimatiom process that infuses the colour pigment into the aluminium substrate itself. The result is a lightweight, but very robust, gloriously colour saturated, high definition artwork, that will give your interior space an added dimension.