Life changed in March 2020 when Coronavirus spread rapidly throughout the world.

In the UK as with many other countries, we went into lockdown and were asked to stay at home. The instruction hit like a mallet to the side of the head and changed everybodys lives for the foreseeable future. As a photographer it hit hard. My office is essentially outside and so I was effectively asked to stop doing what I love most.

So on the second day of working from home, I had the idea to photograph my isolation. I would use the visual reference within my house and garden to create images using all the tools at my disposal. I have been creating a single unique image every day and posting that picture on my Instagram Feed. The feedback to the posts has been uplifting to say the least. And it prompted me to think about ways of possibly using the increasing number of images, to generate some income to help front line NHS workers.

 I decided to run a silent auction of the artists proof of each of the images.

One copy of each of the images in this project portfolio is being auctioned 

My wife is a Neurological Physiotherapist working at Great Western Hospital in Swindon.

She suggested that I support the Great Western Hospital charity  BRIGHTER FUTURES 

This is a unique opprtunity to help the NHS frontline workers who are  taking huge personal risks to help save lives.

By donating you can be an integral part of supporting these amazing staff in their work. 

The printing of the fine art images has kindly been donated by John Herlinger at Fotospeed in Corsham.

All proceeds from the sale of these artists proofs will go directly to the charity.



The auction starts on each and every Tuesday during the lockdown period and will be open for bids from 9am

Minimum bid of £30.00

Email your bid to

Bidding will close at midnight on the following Sunday night

The successful bidder will be notified on Monday


The auction will reopen every Tuesday with new pictures and any unsold images carrying over


All money DONATED goes to the Brighter Futures Charity 



Thank you for your kindness and generosity